At what age is my dog no longer a puppy

June 27th, 2021

Dog Nutrition

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At What Age Is My Dog No Longer A Puppy

This is a question we often hear at dogfoods4u, with people eager to learn when they can begin to transition their dog onto one of the raw adult formulas and adjust their feeding regime from 5% over three meals to the recommended 2-3% of Adult formula fed over two meals.


The age at when your puppy dog becomes an adult dog will vary from one dog to another and will depend on the dogs breed heritage and size.

At What Age Is My Dog No Longer A Puppy

Generally we use this guidance:

  • Extra-small breed of dog (10 pounds): eight months

  • Mini breed of dog (10-25 pounds): 10 months

  • Medium breed of dog (26-55 pounds): 12 months

  • Large breed (56-100 pounds): 14 months

The age that your puppy becomes an “adult dog” is due to the length of the growth phase for different sized breeds, larger breed dogs taking considerably longer to reach adulthood than small breeds of dog. All dogs have an intense growth spurt at various ages.
Puppies generally start losing their puppy teeth at 4 – 6 months and therefore many people believe their dog has reached adulthood at 6 months of age, this is not the case even for the small breeds of dog.
When will my puppy become an adult dog?
The different classifications of when your puppy is an “adult dog” are due to the length of the growth phase for different-sized breeds. Large and giant dogs take a lot longer to fully mature than smaller dogs, although all of them have an intense growth spurt.
How is raw puppy formula different A puppy’s body is going through significant changes as it grows rapidly, whatever size or breed it is. Puppies require higher levels of calcium in their food than an adult dog to support in proper development of their skeleton. They also need more protein, as they are rapidly building muscle and other body tissues. For this reason Nutriment recommend feeding 5% over 3 meals until adulthood, the additional mealtime is because they are unable to eat as much but need plenty of energy to support their developing physiology.
At What Age Is My Dog No Longer A Puppy
Changing your dog from puppy formula to adult formula
Many people find that their dog naturally starts leaving some of their food towards the end of their puppy stage, this is because their body requires less at that stage, people tend to find that they reduce the amount of food naturally as their dog declines the extra fed.
If your dog continues to eat the full 5%, you can gradually reduce the volume of food and change the feeding regime to a morning and evening meal.
At Dogfoods4u we are always happy to offer you support and guidance of any nutritional questions, you can always drop us an email at
Nutriment also have their fantastic team of Nutritionalists that can offer you advice, we are happy to refer you to them with your questions

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