Brilliant Salmon Oil for Dogs

May 25th, 2021

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Brilliant Salmon Oil for dogs is the only salmon oil on the market made by a single ingredient. The production is sustainable and fully traceable, and to match the transparent production we present our oil in a UV-protected, transparent bottle.

Brilliant Salmon Oil For Dogs
Brilliant Salmon Oil For Dogs
Key features
  • Fully traceable production
  • No antibiotics
  • Non-GMO
  • Fresh – for better taste
  • Human grade oil
  • All natural
  • UV-protected bottle
  • Easy and trouble-free dosage
  • What you see, is what you’ll get
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Brilliant Salmon Oil is an all Norwegian product. Produced in Norway using only Norwegian GMO-free, and antibiotic free salmon off-cuts.

By using fresh, high quality raw materials, we are given the opportunity to produce a fresh and all-natural salmon oil, like no other. Brilliant Salmon Oil is gently liberated from our fresh raw material using a gentle proprietary process that keeps all components of the oil intact. The oil is produced for human consumption and is therefore of very high quality without any additives.

Fresh taste of salmon will help increase your pet’s appetite. Brilliant Salmon Oil may also contribute to shinier coat, softer paws, and increased energy.

The daily recommended dose is specified on each bottle as the pump size of the 300ml and 1000ml bottles are different to each other. With the 300ml bottle the recommended daily dose is 1 pump per 2kg body weight, while on the 1000ml bottle it is 1 pump for 4kg body weight. If your pet is new to fish oil supplements we suggest starting with a smaller dose and gradually increase as the pet gets accustomed to the product.

The 300ml bottle contains 300 pumps, while the 1000ml bottle with its bigger pump, contains 500 pumps.

Yes, you can, but it is not necessary. Also note that Brilliant Salmon Oil is an Extra Virgin oil, which means that the oil may separate if stored chilled. The oil will normalize once back to room temperature. We recommend storage in room temperature.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is produced from fresh salmon off-cuts (head, backbone, and skin) from the largest salmon processor in the word. This off-cut, previously regarded as waste, is now a plus-product which goes into our proprietary process with extensive investments in R&D on the health benefits to ensure that the know documented benefits will grow over time. Together we now use 100% of the salmon and makes sure that nothing goes to waste.

Yes! We are proud to show off the colour of our oil, as it is a testament to the oil’s freshness and natural levels of antioxidants. That is why we use a clear, certified UV-protected bottle with a practical pump to make sure that the oil stays fresh, and that it is easy for you to secure a correct dosage for your pet.

When we produce our human grade salmon oil the shelf life of the oil is 4 years. While bottling the oil into Brilliant Salmon Oil we set the shelf life to 3 years. This is done to ensure that the product always is of the best quality possible for our users.

When we produce our human grade salmon oil the shelf life of the oil is 4 years. While bottling the oil into Brilliant Salmon Oil we set the shelf life to 3 years. This is done to ensure that the product always is of the best quality possible for our users.

Once the product is being used and oxygen is introduced to the oil, we recommend using the bottles within 3 months. This is to ensure maximum quality and user experience. The oil with be fine twice as long after opening.

Single source ingredient means that we do not add anything to our salmon oil. Normally Vitamin E or tocopherols are added to oils to keep them stable. As Brilliant Salmon Oil is produced with fresh raw material in a gentle process, we ensure that we keep the natural antioxidant Astaxanthin intact and the oil is stable for 4 years on its own.

The oil we use in Brilliant Salmon Oil is made for human consumption and is the same oil that is used in our human products. This oil is also used in an ongoing Covid-19 study, and an ongoing Asthma study. This means that the oil holds the highest standards for quality control.

Brilliant Salmon Oil contains 21 different fatty acids, natural antioxidant, and lipo-peptides. Our fresh raw material and gentle process keeps all-natural components of the salmon oil intact to the benefit of both you and your pet.

On our proprietary enzymatic hydrolysis process, we have CCP’s (Critical Control Points) to ensure that the enzymes that we use are deactivated. At this point the oil reached a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. This low temperature is one of the reasons why our oil is fresh, tasty, and orange after production.

No, we do not. In our process nothing is added, and nothing is removed. Due to our fresh raw material, gentle process, and low temperatures we keep all components of the oil intact. This mean that the oil keeps its natural colour for the already present antioxidant Astaxanthin that is naturally present in the salmon.

Yes! The production batched are tested for PCB’s and heavy metals but are always below the minimum detection levels. This means that if there are any, the amounts are to small to be measured.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is an all-natural, sustainable human grade salmon oil. If you want the best possible supplement for your pet’s general health, and to see improvement in skin health, fur health, paw health and appetite, you should try our Brilliant Salmon Oil. You will not be disappointed.

No. We have many happy users whose pets have white fur. None has ever reported any experience with discolouration.

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