Can my dog eat raw chicken?

March 22nd, 2022

Dog Nutrition

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Raw chicken is a protein that dog owners often give to their dogs and is the base protein of many of our raw dog food formulas, in particular Nutriment Chicken formula and Natural Instinct Chicken, which are both nutritionally complete raw foods.

Can dogs eat raw chicken? Here’s what your dog’s stomach has to say!

To answer the question “Can dogs eat raw chicken?”, we should look at the interesting world of carnivore digestion.

This isn’t a question about will a dog eat raw chicken – any experienced Dog Owner will tell you the answer is yes – but whether doing so will make them sick. And according to doggy biology, that answer is no.

Part of this has to do with what your dog’s digestive system looks like. First of all, it’s shorter. There aren’t extra stomachs (or rumens, if you want to get scientific) or long, winding digestive tracts or any of the other anatomical elements needed to break down plant material. Instead, your dog gobbles up a meal, and what seems like five minutes later, they’re giving you the signal that they need the toilet.

An advantage of this fast digestive process is that there is less time for harmful bacteria to grow inside your dog.

And it’s not just the dog’s digestive system structure that is helpful here. Your dog also has a highly acidic sterilising chamber within the stomach and enzymes and gut bacteria to fight the battle against outside bacteria. While humans have a similar setup, we’re simply not as well armoured as our meat-loving companions.

Throughout all of this, advocates of a raw chicken diet make some good points. Raw chicken is an excellent protein source for carnivores, and it lowers your dog’s risk of obesity by taking carbs out of their diet.

Raw chicken can be used to eliminate preservatives and other chemicals from the equation. For this reason, there are many loving dog owners who still choose a raw chicken diet, even with the risks laid out by veterinarians.

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