What is Working Dog Food?

May 9th, 2021

Dog Nutrition

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What is the Difference Between Raw Working Dog Food and Regular Raw Dog Food?

What Is Working Dog Food?
This is a question that we are often asked here at Dogfoods4u from customers who see our wide range of Working Raw dog food formulas.
You will often see raw dog foods and kibble labeled as “Working Dog Food” and some will wonder what is the difference with these foods.
Raw dog foods generally contain more protein energy than regular foods, this is important for energetic dogs who are working. There is however no strict definition as to what a Raw dog food is and the exact difference if any can be variable between brands.
It is important to always read the labels when selecting a raw dog food for your working dog, to ensure that the food meets your dogs requirements.

What is the best Working Raw Dog Food

Working dog food is a necessity for those with highly active dogs to keep them fit and healthy. All of our working dog food is also VAT free so great value for money. Here are the brands our experts recommend as the very best raw working dog food:

Not all Raw Dog food is the same...

Whether your looking for a working dog food or raw dog food for your pet dog or companion, it is so important to recognise that not all raw food are the same or in fact alike. 

Our offering of Raw Dog Food here at Dogfoods4u has not been picked at random, we have chosen brands which are all high quality brands without exception but each has their unique selling point.


One thing they do all have in common though is high quality fresh meat.

Why is Raw Working Dog Food free from VAT?

What Is Working Dog Food?

Many retailers of Dog food knowingly sell Working dog food to Pet Dogs, however those who irresponsibly do so, are in direct contravention of the HMRC tax rules, which clearly state:


“A product which is claimed as being suitable for all breeds, size and age of dog is standard-rated.

If a specially formulated food is held out for sale exclusively for working dogs it will come within the scope of the VAT relief, unless it is biscuit or meal.”


Working dogs come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to remember that many working dogs now are smaller breeds, especially when considering new occupations for dogs including work like the Therapy Dog.

Applicable guidance on VAT can be found Here

Do you need further help choosing the right Raw food for your Dog?

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